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Voronoi Sculpture

This was a sculpture I created using CNC routing and wood bending techniques.  The sculpture was inspired by fluid movement and dynamic design with an essence one sold fluid motion.  The above images  are of the fresh cut sheets of bending plywood  in which different Voronoi patterns were cut out.  I used the Voronoi diagram and its mathematical equation because of its design aesthetics and the fact that it is found in abundance in the natural world.  The Voronoi diagram is basically a correlation between points or nodes and their spacial existence which can create an endless possibilities of design aesthetics.  Once the sheets of plywood were cut out they were soaked in water and then bent into their over lapping forms.  The Sculpture in now part of the permanent collection in the Wooden Sheep gallery and shop is Savannah, GA.












All photos complements of William Zach Chambers