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This Fabrication technique tested the ability to create complex curves and massing via a corbelling technique.

This exercise is an example of corbelling.  This is a method of fabrication that cuts the object into layers for a stacking method of fabrication.  One important part of this method is how to allign the pieces to stack the parts in the right way.  A registration design must be put into place to do so.  If the shape is simple then one can insert rods that run though the entire shape and stack the pieces on the rods.  The model is too complex so an alternate method had to be used.  For this model registation lines were created and etched into each piece showing the shape of the piece to be stacked next.  This model also had two different materials in its construction.  Because of this the fabrication files had to be split up into odd and even cuts.  This allowed for the odd pieces to be used as one material and the even pieces could be fabricated out of another material. Using this odd-even technique another method of design was brought into the project to create a visually pleasing object.  This method worked well and below are images of the model,  lazer cut fabrication files and the final assembly.