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Welcome to my website!
Architecture, Design, Innovation

I have always had a strong passion for design and I am invigorated by translating that into the built realm. Often inspired by forms seen and found in nature and I enjoy to translating these inspirations into my design work. When designing, I try to explore the possibilities of what can be built and created while using advance design solutions for construction.  Producing organic shapes, double curvatures, and bending forms in architecture is a design direction I enjoy to take and and produce within my work. To achieve this, I generate parametric modeling techniques and scripts to realize the complex geometries associated with these organic designs.

Furthermore I have a strong passion for urban design. I feel that the functionality of the building’s footprint is just as important as the overall design and function of the building. Urban design must enhance the function of a city and create spaces that better the lives of the people. This, will in turn, enhance the economy of a city and strengthen it’s urban environments. I believe architecture and urban design must go hand in hand as one cannot have a city with out a functioning footprint.

Along with pushing the envelope of architectural design, I am a strong believer of mixing biomass and horticulture with architecture. Through my thesis research I have gained valuable insight on the environmental benefits in doing this. Over the last couple of years I have been experimenting with my own urban horticultural prospects. Whilst living in Savannah, GA I owned and operated a small farm called Drayton Organics where I had three levels, equaling of over forty square feet of growing area, surrounding my small balcony in the downtown district of the city. The farm was Certified Organic by the Georgia Department of Agriculture and was mainly devoted to hot pepper plants. In March of 2012 I transplanted the plants to a friends yard in Savannah, where we spaced out the plants into a 150 sqft of growing area to experiment with the second year life span of the hot pepper plants. The new farming area has 5 chickens that will live with the plants. The chickens will irrigate the soil and eat pests in the garden area. If the plants survived the winter, the crops should thrive in abundance this summer and have a symbiotic relationship with the chickens while producing more peppers than ever.

  • Born in Atlanta Georgia 1985
  • Moved to London at age fifteen
  • Graduated from American Community School (ACS) Hillingdon, London in 2004
  • Attended evening courses while in High School:
  • University of the arts London, Chelsea_ Universtiy of the arts London, Camberwell
  • After High school took a gap year and studied:
  • At Tandem Escuela International, Madrid_ 1 semester_Spanish language and cultural studies
  • Brunell University, Uxbridge, UK_Art courses
  • This was followed by volunteer work at ARCAS Hawaii National Park near Monterrico, Guatemala
  • Unviersity study:
  • Professional Masters of Architecture_Savannah College of Art and Design_ 2010
  • Bachelors of Fine Arts_Savannah College of Art and Design_2009
  • Worked 5 years, while in school restoring a Victorian house
  • Invited to create an architectural installation for the Side Walk Arts Festival 2010
  • Invited to create an architectural installation for the grand opening of the Wooden Sheep Gallery and Shop 2010
  • After graduating, worked as foreman on 10,000 sq ft Custom home/ Hilton Head Island, SC 2011
  • Worked as a site manager and carpenter for Vickery Construction and Remodeling in Savannah, GA 2012