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Side Walk Arts Festival


Side Walk Arts Festival 2010

In the Spring of 2010 myself and colleague Jake King were invited to design and create an architectural installation piece for the 2010 Savannah College of Art and Design Side Walk Arts Festival.  The design and construction of this installation focused on using advanced methods of design and digital fabrication to express a creative and active space for public enjoyment. The installation was funded by Dietz Consultant Group, Inc. who provided excellent support and energy to the project.


“Architecture is currently undergoing one of the greatest changes in its history. An irony of digital design abstractions and the renaissance of the “Master Builder” through technology. This technology allows the architect to create formal complexities and understand their environmental performance as well as the ability to rationalize them for fabrication. Culturally, this has inspired a “do-it-yourself” attitude among young designers and artists contributing to an emerging global community. Observation of one’s environment is no longer the norm. Now engagement matters.

The “Awakening” is an experiment that applies new design methods and fabrication techniques that architecturally invites the engagement of the user to celebrate and contribute to the designer’s vision.

There is no reason to be afraid.”

-Scott Dietz

Special thanks to all who participated and helped in the creation of this installation.

Savannah College of Art and Design

Scott Singeisen_Architecture Chair

Robert Delli Bovi_Shop Manager

Scott Dietz_Faculty Mentor_Dietz Consultant Group, Inc.

Dima Chiriacov

Trevor Tibbetts

Brian Ziff

Zachary Kohler

Shweta Chhatpar

Michael Royer

and anyone else who we might have forgotten!


















                                                                                                mock up assembly video
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Final assembly video