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Moore Square

Design Competition for the Redevelopment of Moore Square in Raleigh, NC.

This was a group design competition in which I and 3 colleagues had a week to come up with the redesign of Raleigh North Carolina’s Moore Square.  We visited the site and after a quick few days of schematic design we redeveloped the square.  Part of the design regulations were that none of the preexisting oak trees could be moved or taken down in the square.  We worked around this by marking all the locations of the Oaks studying the root sizes of the old Oaks.  In designing the green space around we focused on leaving ample room for the tree’s root diameters.  A large flat space with much hard scape was put in place for the western end of the square at it is a place where the homeless mission shelters feed the homeless and have church services every Sunday.  The hard scape will allow the churches and city missions solid ground to set up stages and tables for their charity work.   The center of the square was left as an open green space for sports and recreational activities.  Numerous fountains were placed in the square through out intermittent hard scape and green spaces to create peaceful gathering areas for the public to relax and enjoy a inner city square.  Attentions was played toward the necessities of the pedestrians and park users.  Trash cans were place all around the perimeter of the square as well as in the square to keep the area clean and free of trash.  Bike racks were also placed around the perimeter of the square to promote biking in the city and give people plenty of places to lock up their bikes.  Ample lighting was also installed to keep the place safe during the night hours.  When we were in Raleigh many people complained that Moore Square has become a dangerous place at night as there are no street lights in the area.  Our implications of lighting the park at night will make the square a much more enjoyable and safer area in the evening times.  As far as the design development of the square, inspiration was taken in the city’s plan to urbanize the downtown of Raleigh to the west.  We designed the square in a reversal of the effects of what happens when a city expands.  On the western side of the square we planned for the majority of the area to be constructed of hard scape and have the hard scape fade into green space as one walks though the park towards the inner city of Raleigh.  This reversal is meant to invite people into the city and welcome them with lush green spaces to enhance their opinions of the city while giving them soft green space across from an active city scape.

Group Members: Camilla Do, Antono Saborio, Michael Rutter