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Desert Residence


This house was designed for a client named Wiley Goodman who works as motion graphic designer.  The location of the residence was in a desert on a 20 degree slope and the objective was to create a 3 story house using a minimal foot print and as many sustainable solutions as possible.  The house sits nestled in the earth as two of its stories are underground.  The first level is a kitchen and dining area, below this is the bedroom and bathroom and below that level is a studio work space.  Embedding the sleeping and work areas in the ground will naturally keep these areas cooler and block the rooms from intense desert light.  The studio space has a skylight which is a reflecting pool with a glass bottom in the court yard of the level above.  This pool lets in refracted light into the studio.  This light will not act as direct sunlight but will provide a subtle light with little glare on the clients computers.  The roof of the structure is designed to be a large perforated metal canopy that will block out sunlight, provide shading, similar to a tree with light coming in though holes, and act as a water collection device.  The building sits in deep from the roof and porch.  This is because the structure faces south and the deep inset of the living quarters prevents direct solar heat gain from actually hitting the interior areas of the house.  This avoidance of passive solar heat gain will keep the living areas cool from the hot desert sun.









Once the project was complete I remodeled the house digitally using MicroStation