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Golden House

Early design studio project in which everything was done by hand

This house was designed around two principles.  The first was an experiential value and the second was a mathematical value.

This House was designed to be a retreat house for a US Consulate.  The first premise of the design was to display the power of transition.  With the house being placed on the edge of a forest and a meadow it explores the different experiential effects of each location.  In the forest one feels protected and safe whist in a meadow one is open to the elements, left vulnerable to danger.  This design realizes this and is meant to give one the protected feeling of a forest whilst giving the sensation of openness and panoramic views of a meadow.

The second design principle was designing around the Golden Section.  The project was comprised of almost all curved walls which were meant to give the feeling of being protected as one curves their hands around a small child.  Because of these curvatures the golden section was put into play to provide a geometry to the form .   With the golden section geometry the structure became a form that could be built and drawings could be transferred from sheet to sheet and scale to scale with exact precision.