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Summer Sessions

The amphitheater is designed to host music venues in the spring, summer and fall. The structure has all the amenities needed to host large and small productions.  Underneath the main stage there are rehearsal rooms, dressing rooms and storage areas with vehicular access.  The structure of the amphitheater is a double envelope system.  The exterior structural membranes provides support to the interior structure as well as host interchangeable panels for protection against the elements. The interior structure host supports for lighting and speaker systems.  Technicians can interchange lights and speakers along the structural tracks created by the inner form.   Furthermore, the earth has been raised  around the stage to hide tour bus parking behind the amphitheater.  The design of the structure comes from inspiration from a series of structural and lights studies done using different physical and computer aided modeling methods.  Investigations into the spiral of helix shapes and studies with interlocking forms played a large percentage of the inspiration of the project.  The project has sculptural aspects for the wither months when its not in use. During the these months the infrastructure will transform into a sculptural object as the snow envelopes the form and creates and ever changing form.