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Flatbush Organics…… Update

June 14, 2012

36 hot pepper plants have successfully been transplanted to the 7th floor roof top of the new home of Flatbush Organics.

Transplanting the small pepper plants from there home inside two pots of soil into 18 cubic feet of soil, contained in Earth Boxes, was a breeze on Thursday June 14th. The plants were all successfully transplanted and then the soil was covered with plastic trash bags to prevent moisture evaporation whilst taking care and leaving holes for the plants to grow out of. With the location of the plants being under full sun, it is important to use a plastic barrier or some form of moisture control to prevent evaporation. Bark mulch can be used as well but in this case black plastic trash bags were the easiest accessible. Creating the moisture barrier will in turn allow for less physical labor, time, and water use in the overall production of the plants. Once the operation was fully set up all the earth boxes were filled with water and the plants were left to grow and thrive!



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